New Meets Old - Stainless Steel in Renovation and Renewal

This resource is a collection of case studies demonstrating the use of stainless steel to rehabilitate old structures to enhance function and improve Stainless steel is proving to be one of the most versatile materials in these projects due to its broad range of alloys available. Numerous case studies are presented from a wide range of applications; Historic buildings such as: Archaeological sites in Turkey (EN 1.4571, frame) and bold, innovative solutions on more modern buildings such as: Office in Finland (1.4301, frame), Visitors centre in Vienna (1.4301, ceiling), Former bunker in Netherlands (1.4404, exterior). Each case study provides information and images describing firstly the original structure and then the particular detail on the stainless steel elements used in the rehabilitation, describing the design criteria, benefits and dimensions of the stainless steel element.

Euro Inox