New York Pier Railings

This resource is a case study on the stainless steel railings and seating in the Gantry State Plaza along the East River which separates Long Island and Manhattan Island. The railings are directly exposed to salt water spray and splashing making it a highly corrosive location. EN grade 1.4401 (type 316) was used for both applications with a rougher glass bead blasted finish and despite this rougher finish, the stainless steel has remained attractive and corrosion free. EN grade 1.4462 (type 2205) was specified for the elements in the splash zone which initially suffered from localized corrosion and so were replaced. The study contains information and images describing the stainless steel element, design criteria and performance of the finished product since construction. Also presented is a stainless steel selection criteria which uses the case study as an example, it considers: environment, salt exposure, weather, design and maintenance.