Stainless Steel in Contact with Other Metallic Materials

- The principle of galvanic corrosion
- Relevant factors and examples
- Practical experience in different applications
- Preventing galvanic corrosion

Experience shows that the compatibility of different metals in mixed-material assemblies is an often-neglected aspect of design, fabrication and installation. This is particularly relevant when “noble” materials like stainless steel are used in direct contact with other, more common metallic materials. While this is does not normally affect stainless steel, the less corrosion-resistant partner metal may suffer accelerated corrosion. The brochure explains the underlying principle of galvanic corrosion and gives guidance towards – usually simple – precautionary measures that prevent unwanted reactions. It provides practical examples from building and construction, water and sewage treatment and plumbing. It enables the reader to find out which material combinations are safe and which require special attention. The brochure gives advice on practical methods of preventing galvanic corrosion.

Euro Inox